Move from your head
into your heart

Learn How to Tap into Your
Heart’s Unique Vibrations




Your Own Vibrational Signature

We all have a song of life inside of us.

It moves us from within.


Your emotions and your soul is connected to a unique vibration that resonates from within you.

How you vibrate and manifest your reality is determined by what is stored in your body and unconscious mind.

Experience Yourself Beyond Your Boundaries 


Beyond the everyday noise of life, stress, insecurity and hastiness, there is a deep place of divine harmony. 


Explore the space between your breath and thoughts with rhythm, powerful sounds and therapeutic instruments​


Access your soul’s wisdom using sound during a guided meditation with Matt 

Why aren’t you embracing the potential at your fingertips?” 

It is easy to lose yourself in the mundane routines of everyday life or to lose yourself in what we think we should be doing, versus answering our soul’s calling.

Matt’s unique gift is the ability to take you on a sound journey that will open up your consciousness. Using guidance, vocal sounds, sacred instruments and frequencies, he will help you get from the concepts in your mind to the subtleties of your heart. 

In his 20 years of experience, Matt has touched, lifted and transformed thousands of lives with his innate capabilities and his good-humored spirit. Opening up to life can be easy and playful with Matt. No doubt about it. Exploring who you truly are in this moment in time is surely rewarding.  

Allow Matt to take you on a guided journey through the vibration of sound! 

How Does Sound Healing Work?

Matt works with sound in an innovative process called ‘Soul Vibing’. This process is designed to bring sound, breath, bio-chemistry, psychology and meditation together to take you on a journey into a hyper-conscious state where you gain access to a larger awareness, creativity skyrockets and you body syncs into the flow-state.   

This is accomplished through the use of drums, didgerdoo, gongs, crystal bowls, channeled sounds and many other healing instruments merged with practices designed to tuned the instruments of your mind, emotion and body. 

What can I expect after this session
  • Heightened awareness of your state of mind 
  • Deep meditation 
  • Stops over-thinking 
  • Feel the present, the now 
  • Spiritual feeling or connection 

“Matt has an incredible guidance and an intuition, which is coupled with a humanness and understanding that cuts through the waa waa we usually associate with spirituality and spiritual processes. It makes it real, and raw. The results aren’t arguable when they land in your life and start to take affect. ” 


The freedom peace and strength obtained in one session is too large for words.” 


I was privileged to receive a sound therapy group session from Matt. 7 weeks ago I was in a serious car accident and had been experiencing such bad pain in my thoracic spine that I had to take opioids. Matt knew nothing about this history. During the 1 h session he focused in on the exact place where my pain was. That pain left during the session and so far 10 days later has never returned. I am off all drugs and all treatments. Matt is a miracle worker.” 


Thank you so much! I now stand in my heart and truly honor myself  


Outstanding experience. Many, many, many levels beyond extraordinary.” 


Meet Matt Omo

Matt Omo, founder of OMO SOUND JOURNEYS and co-founder of LIVE IN FLOW, is a leader in the sound healing movement in Australia. 

With over 20 years experience working with a variety of sound healing techniques bridging cultures and traditions from around the world.  Matt holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Dip of Sound Healing, Reiki Master, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Breathworker, with numerous certifications in other healing modalities. Matt delivers innovative processes and practices in fun and palatable ways to impact our modern lives. 

It’s Matt’s passion to demystify the healing power of sound, making this wisdom accessible to the modern lifestyle through practical processes that are effective and impactful at reducing stress, relieving anxiety, building resilience and allowing for a more harmonious way of living.