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We start together on May 22nd 2023 

All of Life is Sound

Music therapy, or sound healing, has a basis in both neurological and psychological well-being. It is the one thing that truly connects humans throughout time; from all cultures, creeds, and religions around the world. 

Discover this healing method in depth and learn how to release any blocked energy using sound. Move between the conscious and unconscious, until you can reach your heart signal. Then reach beyond it into your superconscious self and bring coherence to your whole being. 


Between the conscious and the unconscious state, easily finding your own flow


Your own expression of life through sound and breath, removing any stuck energy


A complete energy renewal within you using voice toning and sound practices

This Personal Sound Journey Awaits You 








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There is an infinite spectrum of sound and vibration that we can access. In fact, as we work with sound, almost all aspects of the brain are stimulated releasing not only sensations and emotions, but also feel good hormones such as endorphins, serotonin and DMT. We can learn how to access the dimension where souls go and allow its song to inspire us. 

Once we start working with our own voice through simple meditative practices, we become musicians of ourselves and of life. 

During 6 weeks, we will explore the S.O.U.N.D. acronym in depth, through lectures, practices and meditations.  

Week 1 : Silence

Silence is the canvas consciousness uses to paint. In this chapter we will learn and practice how to find Silence in our day. By building a relationship with it, we can activate our most crucial healing point and move toward the expanse of consciousness.  

Week 2 : Observing

Within the silence there is a voice that is whispering the secret of creation to you. Can you hear it? In this chapter we will practice stillness with active observation through a subtle sound focus meditation. 

Week 3 : Understanding

In this chapter we learn a ‘Soul Vibing’ process to dive deep into the expanse of consciousness and then we practice how to bring awareness back so that we can build a relationship with the messages of vibration that are emerging. 

Week 4 : Nurturing

By this point we have built coherence in our being, so now we are ready to create our own vocal expression. We will use our own voice to tune our energy centers and learn three key points to get the physical aspect moving. 

Week 5 : Designing

In this chapter we will learn how to find our own strength. Our own sound signature will flow into form using sound. We are literally moving ourselves with the sound of our own voice. 

Week 6 : Bring It Home

Here we will wrap up everything we have learned and practiced. With a special meditation we will experience how powerful we are and find the unlimited potential within – with clear awareness and great intention. 

We can create music or noise around us, both in our daily life and in our mind. Which one you choose it’s up to you!

Matt Omo

Here’s what is included:

The Complete Online course

The complete, hands-on, practical course with Matt Omo exploring S.O.U.N.D. Key lessons are accompanied by powerful meditations and practices so that you can immediately start seeing the results! 

S.O.U.N.D.: The E-Book

An informative and practical e-book to accompany you on your learning journey! Learn the history and power of sound healing.


Download the course audios and listen to the course where- and whenever you like! 

1 LIVE CALL with Matt Omo 

Join Matt on a Live call via Zoom – ask your questions and get more insights into your process. 

total value 780 €

That’s not all!

A powerful BONUS Package will compliment your course and take you to the next level!
Learn how to: 
VIBRATE: "4 steps to Soul Vibing" +

with Matt Omo

In this video find out what happens on a biochemical level when you change the rhythm of your breath, and activate for Higher Potentials during a deep meditation with Matt Omo 

Value 45€ 

ATTRACT: "Reveal, Feel and Heal" +

with Live In Flow

Lose yourself in new dimensions and reconnect with your higher self, with this incredible meditation by Guy, Petra and Matt – usually available only to Live in Flow Members! Experience the power of the trio that connect breath, hearth, sound and deep mediation!  

Value 39€ 

RECHARGE: Mini series "7 days challenge" +

with Live In Flow

7 practices that will recharge your energy! It takes so little to make your every day a new opportunity for growth. Whether you only have 5 minutes a day, or you are looking for a longer practice, this short series will refresh you!  

Value 97€

EXPLORE: "Body Scan Meditation" +

with Petra Brzović

Listen to your body – Let it speak and hear it’s messages with this insightful meditation while world renowned hypnotherapist Petra Brzović takes you on an inner journey. 

Value 47€ 

REVITALIZE: "A rejuvenating Tao Face Yoga Practice" +

with Savina Atai

Learn where the juice of your life is hidden, which glands are responsible for our vitality and how to activate them with a Tao Face Yoga exercise. Use your face muscles to activate your inner diamond palace! 

Value 57€ 

BALANCE: "Discover your Energy Centers" +

with Petra Brzović

A beautiful meditation that will take you on a journey through all your energy centers! 

Value 39€ 

SHARE: "Pathway to Love" +

with Belinda Bailey

Growth is not only for individuals! Learn how to have a Soul Satisfying Relationship and create an Evolutionary Relationship, while cultivating trust and vulnerability regardless of past experiences with Belinda Bailey, a love and relationship specialist with over 25 years of experience.  

Value 45€ 

CONNECT: "Messages from your soul" +

with Petra Brzović

Learn more about your soul and how you can communicate with your spiritual guides. Tap Into the Wisdom of Your Soul with expert guidance from a Life Between Lives® therapist. 

Value 57€ 

FLOW: Get Your Body Flowing +

with Qi Gong

Using the ancient practices of Qi Gong, Lee Holden will teach you how you can use the energy of life to not only heal but to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. 

Value 45€ 

Over 15 hours of content valued at 1.251,00€ ! 

Now available for a limited time for  

Only 187€ 

We start together on May 22nd 

PS: You can also pay in 3 installments.

“Matt Omo, woooooww!!! What an experience! Pure rebirth. Thank you younity from the bottom of my heart”


“Sound healing with Matt Omo is wonderful, the whole body vibrates and releases the accumulated burdens. Fantastic!”


“Matt Omo – simple and direct in his explanations. But when the music started …. I was automatically switched back to youth! An incredible coincidence of feelings and visions! When I closed my eyes in the area above the roots of my eyes, for a fraction of a second I saw these pulsating circles, and actually pulsating energy, an extraordinary experience. Thank you!”


“Wonderful! Although I already felt very good before the meditation, during the meditation I felt contact with something higher than me, with something that drives my heart and is the creator of this beautiful body I live in, that watches over my breath, my heartbeat….. at that moment, tears of gratitude began to flow, and I felt in touch with this something higher than myself…..thankful beyond measure to both Matt and younity!”


“Matt Omo’s lecture and meditation enabled me to have complete peace and tranquility, pure connection of soul and body… wonderful!”


“Excellent, concise, right in the center.”


100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back

Beyond the Silence is an invitation to discover the spaces between the silence and sacred life soul song that resides inside you. It is an experiential, spiritually liberating journey that delves deep into sound healing and heart opening practices that has transformed so many lives so far. But if you find this is not the right course for you right now, email us at for a full refund – no questions asked.

Don’t let money be a barrier

If money is tight and you cannot pay for this course right now, email us at and tell us about it. We’ll try to find a way to make this course available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the course format?

Starting on 02 April 2022 [update date], every Monday for 6 weeks, we will publish a new chapter on our online course platform. Thereafter you can watch the lesson videos and practice the meditations and exercises provided in each chapter. Once a lesson is published you will have lifetime access to it.

Are there meditations included in the course?

Yes, each week has a new meditation included in the course that will take you deeper into the practice. The meditations and additional exercises are provided for you to unlock each step of the process. All meditations and practices come as audio files, so you can easily download them on your devices and listen offline.

Are the lessons live?

The lessons in the chapters are pre-recorded to allow us to have the material translated. We will however meet Matt on a LIVE Zoom Call during the course. 

What language is the course available in?

All course videos are available in both [local language] voiceover or in English with [local language] subtitles. All written material, such as emails and platform, are in [local language]. The e-book is available in both languages.

Do I have lifetime access to materials?

Yes, once you have purchased the course you will have lifetime access to all published materials. 

Do I still have access to the course material if I pay in installments?

Yes, you will have immediate access to the complete course and all bonus materials on the course platform even if you choose to pay in installments.

I am hearing impaired, can i still benefit from the course?

Though vibrations and frequencies are far more than just a simple sound we hear with our ears, you might not feel the same amplitude of effects as others in this course. If you still like to enjoy music through amplified vibrations with your whole body, we wholeheartedly recommend this course. Should it not fit you after all, you can always use your 14-day money back guarantee. We would love your feedback on it, reach out to us via email on: [add email]

What happens if the course is not to my taste?

You can receive a 100% full refund by simply writing to us within 14 days of your purchase or course start.

Limited Offer 

Join this Course for Only 187€  

Includes over 15 hours of content valued over 1.250,00€

Upoznajte Matta Oma

Matt Omo, osnivač OMO SOUND JOURNEYS i suosnivač LIVE IN FLOW, predvodnik je pokreta za iscjeljivanje zvukom u Australiji.

S preko 20 godina iskustva u radu s različitim tehnikama iscjeljivanja zvukom premošćuje kulture i tradicije iz cijelog svijeta. Matt ima zvanje magistra duhovne psihologije, iscjelitelja zvukom, Reiki majstora, certificiranog učitelja kundalini joge, terapeuta disanja, te brojne certifikatea u drugim metodama iscjeljivanja. Matt nam donosi inovativne procese i prakse na zabavne i primamljive načine kako bi utjecali na naše moderne živote.

Mattova strast je demistificirati iscjeliteljsku moć zvuka, čineći ovu mudrost dostupnom modernom načinu života kroz praktične postupke koji su učinkoviti i utječu na smanjenje stresa, ublažavanje tjeskobe, izgradnju otpornosti i omogućavanje skladnijeg načina življenja.