How do you feel now?

The Sacred Sound Journey we took with Matt during the Masterclass may have triggered a lot of different emotions and sensations in you. Take a moment and asses how are you feeling right now.

What did the meditation bring up for you?

Pick the option that applies to you the most:

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A) I feel energized!

The meditation for me was a great experience. Now I feel inspired, motivated and refreshed. What a beautiful journey it was!

B) I’m not really sure…

I couldn’t stop my thinking brain and couldn’t let go.  Can’t really say I felt anything in particular. I’m drawing a blank here.

C) I’m overwhelmed

The meditation brought up several strong emotions/memories for me. I could even say fear and anxiety were present at times.

“Deactivation of the prefrontal cortex occurs by stimulating the nervous system, which allows us to turn off the perception of time, space, our beliefs, fears, insecurities. All limitations of the mind disappear for a moment. If you let them.”

Matt Omo