It’s ok, you can do this

The feelings that surfaced are here to tell you something

When we have gone through several challenges and trauma in our lives, our bodies, mind and energy took the role of our guardians. They now strive to keep us safe by reacting to anything unfamiliar, even if that is for our own benefit.

It’s an unconscious reaction. And it’s ok, because in a way this is your chance to heal it. You can learn how to overcome it and finally open up to the wonders of life.

Check out Matt’s message for you ❤


Practice that for a few days for now

And observe how your nervous system slowly adapts and eases up. We’ll send you more tips via email in a few days.

In the meantime, should you wish to continue your journey with Matt already now, you can join us in the Online course that starts on Monday, May 22.


A possible next step for you

The 6-week online course with Matt

The masterclass already opened up a lot for you, and that means the healing process already started. Now just let it flow and follow Matt’s instructions.

And if you feel this practices are right for you join us on the 6-week course where we will learn how to find that space of stillness and harmony within.